The Committee for 2020

Trevor - Chairman


Trevor is our Chairman (the boss) again for 2020. A role has done before, so the Committee are in capable hands. Trevor also manages all the growing for the plant sale, helps Joyce with the orders for the shop and manages the infrastructure for the show.

Trevor's had his allotment (Milton Piece) since 1993 and loves growing broad beans and sweetcorn.

Liz - Association Secretary


Liz is Secretary and the Chariman's right hand lady, making sure the Committee know what they're doing and when. Liz is the main point of contact for liaising with the Allotment Inspector and City Council.

Liz has had her allotment (Eastney Lake) since 2014 and loves Borlotti Beans - fresh and dried.

Michael - Finance Secretary


Michael joined the Committee in January 2018 and has taken over the role of Finance Secretary for 2019. He has had his allotment (Hope Cottage) since late  2016 but still feels new.      

One of his favourite crops to grow are runner beans because they make a statement on the plot with their height and colourful flowers.

Sarah - Membership Secretary


Sarah is our new Membership Secretary and makes sure subscriptions are paid and that membership details are up to date.

Sarah has had her allotment on Milton Piece since 2018, but has been gardening since a child. Currently building a new flower garden. Favourites are runner beans, courgettes and Sweetpeas.

Joyce - Trading Manager


Joyce is our Trading Manager. She ensures the shop has all the things we need and at great prices. See the link to the shop from the homepage for more details.

Joyce has had her allotment (Eastney Lake) for around 15 years and loves to grow potatoes and beans.

Di - Website Manager


Di is our Website Manager and if you're looking for information about the Committee and you've found this page then she's done ok.

Di's had her allotment (Milton Piece) since July 2017 and is keen to move the Jerusalem artichokes out of the flowerbeds in her garden.

Helen - Shop Rota Manager


Helen has had her allotment (Eastney Lake) since 2000. She shares it with her husband, 2 dogs and uses it to educate local children. Helen manages the volunteer rota for the onsite shop.

Helen likes to watch the children learn, grow and blossom. They like to ge muddy, watch the squash grow and eat what's ripe.

Bill - Committee Member


Bill has had his allotment (Eastney Lake) for the best part of 20 years. He grows crops for all seasons and enjoys the moment seeds burst into life. 

Bill loves June (the month) for the peas, broad beans and new potatoes; lightly cooked with fresh mint and drizzled with a little butter; followed, of course, by freshly picked strawberries.

Diane - Committee Member


Diane has had her allotment (Eastney Lake) since 2013. She and her granddaughters like to grow purple carrots and sunflowers. 

The seeds are for the birds, but the rest of the vegetables are for the family. Diane tries to grow the largest each year pumpkin for Halloween.

Rose - Committee Member


Rose started out helping a friend with their allotment. She has had her own plot (Eastney Lake) for over 4 years but continues to help other poeple wiht theirs too. 

Rose likes to grow French beans - purple podded and Kinghorn Wax, tomatoes and sweetcorn.

Annie - Committee Member


Annie has had her allotment (Eastney Lake) since 2013, and loves growing Courgettes as as they seem to appear and swell as if by magic. 

But her favourite thing to grow on her plot are flowers - especially sweet peas. Annie is also one of our amazing shop volunteers.