About Us

The Association

Eastney and Milton Allotment Holders Association is an Association of plot holders on the Eastney Lake, Hope Cottage and Milton Piece allotment sites. These are known collectively as the Eastney and Milton Allotments.     

It is a self-help organisation that exists to:  

  • improve facilities at each site  
  • represent plot-holders' views collectively to the City Council  
  • organise events and social functions.     

It is run by a comittee that is elected annually by members at the Annual General Meeting, held in January each year. All those who work in the shop or are on the committee volunteer their time to the Association.

The Allotments


As with most allotment sites, we suffer our fair share of vandalism, theft and fly tipping. To counter this, it is important that all gates are kept locked at all times. The exception to this is the main gate on the road leading to the shop which is kept open on Sunday mornings from 9.30 - 11.30 am to allow new allotment holders to get to the shop to purchase a key.    

Site address:

There are 3 gates onto the allotment site. The main gate and car park for access to the shop, Milton Piece and the eastern parts of Eastney Lake is off Locksway Road. The postcode for this entrance is PO4 8FL.

There are 2 gates in Meryl Road that access the small car park for Hope Cottage and the western parts of Eastney Lake. The post code for these entrances is PO4 8LA

In case of an emergency, please give the relevant postcode to the Emergency Services for your nearest entrance.


Keeping the site tidy and clear of rubbish is a constant problem. There are no rubbish collection facilities at the site. All green waste should of course be composted on your plot. All other rubbish should be removed and taken home or to the recycling centre at Port Solent. If this is a problem, please ask in the shop as there may be contact details available for a contractor who could help for a fee.       

For new plot holders the council will endeavour to clear your site when you are allocated your plot. See the link on the homepage to the Portsmouth City Council website.     


Water on the site is a valuable commodity. There are water points around the site for use, but we recommend you install water butts if possible. You are asked not to keep your hose connected for more than 30 minutes. After that time, another member is within their rights to ask you to disconnect your hose.      

Please do not contaminate water tanks by washing items in the tank.     


Portacabin toilets (male and female) are located on the left at the end of the tarmac path running from the shop towards Langstone Harbour. It is kept locked but can be opened by the key used to open the gates.     

Please ensure that you (and your children) leave the toilets clean and tidy after use. Please make sure all taps are turned off and that the door is closed and relocked when you leave. Please report any damage to staff in the shop.     


Plot holders are respectfully asked to keep children of all ages safe at all times. Please do not allow them to play on the roads or stray onto other people's allotments where damage may occur. They should not be allowed to play with or near water as a precaution against wastage or accidents.


Membership and Benefits


There are two types of membership...

  • Full Membership for Eastney Lake, Hope Cottage and Milton Piece allotment holders. 
  • Garden Membership for those who do not hold an allotment on the site but wish to participate in the Association's activities and use the shop.

Membership fee

£4.50 (Jan 2019)

This is payable each January at the shop. You will receive a membership card valid for the year (or part of the year, depending on when you join).

Please note that membership of the Association is on an individual basis, 'one person, one subscription, one membership card'.   


  • Use of the onsite shop and it's discounted rates. 
  • Use of the onsite toilets.
  • Organised events and social functions.
  • Association membership of the National Society of Allotment Holders and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG).
  • Association membership of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).
  • Insurance to ensure we are able to provide a shop onsite.
  • Third party insurance.
  • We also publish a regular newsletter which we email to all members, wihth some hard copies available to all plotholders on a first come first served basis.